Be Like Max - Save Us All (Cover Artwork)

Be Like Max

Save Us All (2019)


Las Vegas outfit Be Like Max cranked out 20 minutes of ska/punk monuments with Save Us All.

The 11 song full length, produced by Big D and the Kids Table's David McWane, commits to an energy level and aggressive undertone similar to material from McWane's earlier Big D releases, and candles a much-needed presence to modern punk or ska releases.

The album hits the ground running with "Time Flies When You're Having Work," and pausing to applaud Preston Harper's fantastically tight and choice drumming throughout the record. He carries the entirety of the session on his back with a solidity that truly makes Save Us All the masterpiece that it is. "At Least I'm Not A Toucher" rips into another hyper-fast ska classic, declaring the band's adolescence growth acceptable while compared to the dispicible minds of Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein.

"Elitist Punks" pits into snobby fans of the genre, while "King of the House" finally drifts the band from quick double-time into a terrific rock-steady vibe with a killer horn-hook. "The Boss Is Stealing" is lightning fast, with more pristine drumming from Harper and quick guitar solos from Chris Powers.

"Dreams" clocks in at under 50 seconds, and rattles with early Suicide Machines influence. "Fuck the News" is a great moment of the LP, with tremendous horn lines and solo sections, all under the direction of vocalist Charley Fine, who presents the absolute limit to his aggressive vocals. The tune connects effortlessly to the politically tied and infectiously dance-able "Give It Up."

"Doomsday" doesn't let up a beat-per-minute and showcases the band's respect for the ska genre, while "I Disagree" dives back into the band's skate-punk expertise. "Home Away from Home" locks the door to the album, paying tribute to the band's friendship with Denver's The A-OKs with more classic ska and some catchy "Na na na's."

Save Us All saves us all, from trite progressive know-it-all songwriting of the modern age that takes itself too seriously, Be Like Max plops down 11 solid gold ska/punk bangers that speak for themselves for what they are. Very recommended.