Useless ID - No Vacation from the World (Cover Artwork)
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Useless ID

No Vacation from the World (2003)

Kung Fu

Useless I.D. Vegan Meatloaf

This dish is an enticing blend of the standard pop-punk flavor with some heavier guitars and darker melodies. Even if your hungry family is skeptical of foreign foods, this Israeli dish will fool anyone into thinking it is from Southern California. This will please anyone with a taste for energetic pop punk, but may not be suitable for indie kids and jaded punkers.

Main Ingredients:
2 ½ pounds Israel punk rocker meat-less patties, extract any possible political juices
4 cups Ataris influence, "end is forever" brand if available
3 cans relationship lyrics
1 teaspoon Lagwagon-esque double time beats
3 cups of tight musicianship
just a dash of originality

For additional flavor:
1 cup Tony Sly arranging, and songwriting for "Stuck without a Ride"
1 tablespoon Moog goodness
2 dashes Joey Cape backup vocals

1. Prepare main ingredients in Israel, sprinkle with U.S. west coast pop-punk spices to entice flavor.
2. Marinate in Orange Whip studio sauce.
3. Add Angus Cooke production until a satisfactory Ataris / Nerfherder aroma is present.
4. Mix in additional musician ingredients and simmer in your stereo for 35 minutes.
5. Serves 3 pop-punkers looking for a non-threatening, not-too-original dish with only the right ingredients.