The Run Up - In Motion (Cover Artwork)

The Run Up

In Motion (2019)

Real Ghost Records

Don’t let the hoarse and gravelly vocals fool you – The Run Up are more than the initial “orgcoreishness” vibe that may come at a first impression. Get past the gruff and you’ll find a band pop-punkier and melodically smoother than many of those that they are often grouped together with. For as much as they are stylistically similar to Iron Chic and Red City Radio, they’re just as much to Such Gold and Knuckle Puck. Their songs seep with dark undertones, dripping out into youthful, breakdown-heavy beats that prop up raw energy and emotion.

On In Motion, you can just smell the body odor and feel the steam coming out of your speakers. Packed with twelve songs that capture the passion and bonding mentality of a live performance, it presents that desire to wrap your arms around the shoulders of a stranger and belt out roaring hooks in unison. This, their second full-length, delivers moments of breakneck speed and several instances of punchy neck breakers, but the core essence of the record lies in their inviting emo-influenced tracks. They have this ability to draw the listener in, welcoming them to join as they pull out every emotion from the bowels of their guts. It’s like a punk rock group therapy session, as the band subliminally embraces you to also participate. “Hey there, relationship issues? Come on over and let’s howl out our thoughts together.”

These controlled outbursts of emotion are the source of the energy on In Motion. The back-to-back of “Your Omission” and “Discretion” personify this perfectly with elements that are pulled from deep within, yet induce this bright sense of positivity over mid-tempo, modern pop-punk beats. “Discretion” in particular, delves into doomed relationships but boasts massive hooks supported by gang vocals and harmonies full of ironed out grittiness. It’s a really, REALLY good song, and if you’re new to The Run Up, this should be your entry point.

The Run Up can really tug at your heartstrings, but it’s not just happy tears and sweaty singalongs on In Motion. They dial it up on “Sunsets,” leading with a blazing riff that rumbles through with fast and rolling drums that embodies a mid-2010’s pop-punk influence. Lead single, “Portraits,” is also a product of this inspiration, with an intro and pounding beats reminiscent of many bands from that era, (think pre-Hoppus adoption Neck Deep.) Second to last track, the confidently titled, “The Run Up,” showcases their melodic side in its leveled out aggression and every bit of beardcore that the band manages to balance. It closes with a group-driven and affectionate “When you walk away / We won’t say anything” that could have served as the album’s anchor. Closer “Adac,” however, does the job, guiding you out of the record along with the band who all seem to have a mic by this point. It’s as if your session is over, finalizing a highly productive 30 minutes of exorcising all of the deep thoughts and psychological demons through the form of singing along to anthems made for dank basements and no barricades.