Remembering Never - She Looks So Good In Red (Cover Artwork)

Remembering Never

She Looks So Good In Red (2002)


Robert Rode

11 songs - approximately 44 minutes of music from the great state called New Jersey.

This starts out with a 33 second song with some fast beats to begin, then vocals with a muted guitar together, kinda of dancy. I couldn't help but to bob my head. This leads to the second song, i like that idea. It works really well. The second song is much different then the first, it's much longer. It has an odd strong structure to it, a repetitive element, a talk part, slow mosh part to end it.

The band incorporates acoustic guitars into the beginning of the third song and the forth song. The forth song starts out with some singing, moderate tempo into distorted guitar, back to acoustic guitars, into some major muting action, full with heavy drums to back it up, back into the melodic singing and moderate tempo.
The sixth song titled: "meadows," starts out, hmm, how can I put it; metal. alright, I won't go into a map of the album song by song but I wanted to describe some aspects of the structure within the songs.

A returning element, lyrically, is death. "the tag on your toe says, i love you": in the song titled "blue." This is sang within the song. In "rape kissing jesus;" "i'm killing you like you killed me, cut my throat one thousand times, empty salt through your hands, to make you feel like me, my last wish, to see your dead fucking body." You might want to put the kids away when listening to it, unless they enjoy cannibal corpse as much as you do. The inside layout also has a woman who looks as if her head is underwater.

The last track on the cd is track 66, oooh how creepy! Though, the song isn't that creepy, it has a lot of the muting thing going on. The cool part about this song, half way in, the bass has a solo of sorts, then its singing vocals, screaming vocals in the background. Cool.

The thing I don't enjoy about this, is when the vocals go from a throat-esque growl to a singing. I mean it's not horrible, and at times it's short when it takes place. Okay, it isn't that bad.

Throughout the cd, you'll find the common muting that is taken with dancing hardcore. Unbroken style.

A notable about this cd, is the work of the bass drum. It's very constant. I like it, creates a different element from what I'm used to. And it's not just the bass drum thats constant, the drumming work is insane. I'm willing to bet the drummer is a machine.

Despite my sarcastic remarks regarding this art; I enjoy the cd. I don't find myself listening to many bands like this one from the illustrious state of new jersey. Check it out if you enjoy really disturbing pictures, mosh metal and death.