The Postal Service - Give Up (Cover Artwork)

The Postal Service

Give Up (2003)

Sub Pop

One day a long time ago, 2 weeks, I'm browsing through Chris Warped the only decent punk music store in Cleveland. I hear on their speakers the like of which I'd never heard of before, Indie-rock magic, large praise for a genre I'm not often a fan of. This genius goes by the name of Postal Service. I soon purchased the cd and it has not left my rotation since.

Postal Service mixes soulful indie rock from Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard and the eletronica stylings of Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel. The group gets it's name from the way they traded sounds and ideas from opposite coasts. Much of the album especially the first two track The District Sleeps Alone Tonight and Such Great Heights would not sound out of place in a DCFC album minus some synth. Gibbard's passionate vocals range the common themes of love, despair, and JFK but his earnest and bittersweet voice brings out a new perspective well known to fans of DCFC. Tamborello brings creative electronica that at times is remenenct of New-wave, and at times random chaos but remains creative and comfortable. When parts of the album lag they are brought up to step by surpises such as a duet with guest artist Jenny Lewis.

The album seems to focus less on Tamborello's electronic input and more as a new outlet for Ben Gibbard's creative lyrics. As a side project this album is a sucess turning out as a much poppier version of DCFC that charms the listener regardless of their past familiararity. Indie-Pop at it's peak.