Speed Up - Hopeless World (Cover Artwork)

Speed Up

Hopeless World (2001)


Speed Up have been around in the Sherbrooke scene for a couple of years now, but this is their first release, and it's more like a promotion type of thing since this CD only has one song, but what a song!! Hopeless World is a prime example of where Speed Up are heading. As you might expect coming from their name, Speed Up play extremely fast and aggressive hardcore, but ever since I first listened to this CD, I see them in a new way, considering how recording quality enhances perception by a large margin. Songwriting is very complex and should please a lot of different people in the underground scene. Go check them out live, and pick up this promo CD for a couple of bucks to get the large picture on them!! You can also download mp3s from www.speeduphc.cjb.net.