HIGH TIDE - EP2 (Cover Artwork)


EP2 (2019)


Hamilton, Ontario’s self-described “party band for the end of the world” HIGH TIDE get people grooving to the apocalypse on EP2.

HIGH TIDE blend psych, garage, metal and punk ferocity together in such a way that sounds perfectly balanced and makes you want to get up and dance. The instruments, effects and lead and backing vocals work together to create a wall of sound that is chaotic in the best possible way. Every element has a depth to it that adds to the listening experience, with songs averaging a little over four minutes feel like they pass by in half the time. EP2 is extremely high energy and has a positivity that carries through all of the tracks.

The guitar is distorted and soaring while driving the songs forward and sometimes lending a wonderful sludge-y sounding element that plays to the strength of the other instruments and adds another layer of sonic depth to the songs. The more you listen to EP2 the more you hear the complexities that HIGH TIDE are weaving into their instrumentation, from frantic drumming and driving riffs that turn into bright sonic wails on “Deaf Rats” to the sludge-y (yet energetic) drive, stellar drumming, booming bass, and all-encompassing chorus of “Crack of Doom”.

The vocals sound like they are using a distortion effect which fits in perfectly with the feel of the music and only adds to their unique sound. One downfall of this is some of the lyrics are hard to make out, with some songs sounding clearer than others. With that said, even if the words aren’t always legible, the vocals still sound really good with the delivery changing to match and covey the emotion of the songs. Soaring vocals mix with strong, almost spoken lyrics, and deep, gravelly shouts throughout the album, adding another element to the stories being told. Gang vocals are used to compliment the lead vocals and to give some lyrics extra punch. They also serve to surround the listener, bringing you that much farther into HIGH TIDE’s music.

HIGH TIDE replace your bad energy with good energy and make you feel like you can do anything on EP2. With their unique blend of psych-y, punk-y, garage rock they transport you to another place where you don’t have worries or cares, where there is only music. Other than some of the lyrics being hard to understand, EP2 seems to be mixed well. You will want to dance to it, you will want to sing along where you can, and you will want to take on the world by the end of EP2 by HIGH TIDE.