The Icarus Line - Mono (Cover Artwork)

The Icarus Line

Mono (2001)


Buddyhead. Love it or hate it, you have to respect it. The runners of Buddyhead, Travis Keller and Aaron North, have some big balls. Let's face it, I bought this cd a year ago because Buddyhead is just fucking hilarious, how surprised I was when I listened to this for the first time.

I popped this cd in, and the first thing that came to my mind was, "shit." I couldn't stand it. The obnoxious screaming, in-your-face guitars, loud as fuck drums, and the most distorted bass I've heard since Lightning Bolt. "This is awful, what a waste of money."


I gave it a few more tries, and slowly, the album began to grow on me. I loved how catchy the single "Feed A Cat To Your Cobra," was, and soon enough I had fallen in love with this album. The immeasurable intensity of this band is outrageous. If I had to make a soundtrack to a fight, this would be it. Joe Cardamone's excruciatingly bitter lyrics are enough to make you scream along with him, and Aaron North's guitar work blends perfectly with the feeling Joe leaves you with. This is easily one of the most intense cds I've ever heard. Their anger towards the music industry and The City Of Angels just radiates all the way through this cd. On the track, "Rape Of The Holy Mother," they turn a poem by Charles Bukowski into one of the stand out tracks on the cd. The artwork is one of the best I've seen out of a cd within the last 5 years, laid out by none other than Frodus/Black Sea veteran, Shelby Cinca.

If you're looking for a cd that combines destruction and beauty, this is it.