Jericho - Worker's Union (Cover Artwork)


Worker's Union (2002)

All About

I generally don't like to review EPs because I like to think of them more of previews than actual albums, but this album had such an impact on me that I figured I should write something about it. I believe these six songs are the only ones available for Jericho (although I could be wrong; I couldn't find any others), and they're a very interesting mix. I said their live show kind of reminded me of early Hot Water Music meets early Saves the Day, and I have to say that still stands on this EP. Mainly guitar-driven, another strong aspect of this band is their lyrics. The vocals are crisp and clear, and the words and message are interesting. My personal favorite track, "Fifty Cent Hearts," talks about the rich of the world getting richer while across the seas children starve, and the chorus "Just because we're strong/doesn't mean we can't be gentle," makes me wanna get outta the chair and grab an imaginary microphone. I wish I had the cover booklet with me to give more examples, but I'm at school, so my apologies. The vocalist seems to have two moods, soulfelt yells and quick singing, but they match with the guitars very well and the overall sound is very, very strong. Other influences might be Fugazi and Avail.

The production quality sounds really good, considering it seems this is the bands only EP after a two-song demo (again, an assumption from what I can figure)... the drums and bass sound too quiet, but I always say that, so eh. I hate to make a one sentence paragraph, but there you have it.

I don't know if I'd call this album post-hardcore because I don't know what any labels mean anymore, but if you are a fan of earnest, heart felt music, this one is definitely worth it - if you can find it. The odd thing about it is that the band's site says its not supposed to be released until April and on Iodine records, but they also said they moved from Boston to Richmond very recently, so maybe that has something to do with it. Whether on Iodine or AAR, I hope the band is working on some new material, because this EP definitely left me wanting more, and this band definitely seems like they could grow in a lot of good directions. It seems like there's a lot of 10's on this site, but as good as this is, I still wouldn't call it perfect, so I give it an 8.5. Damn. No quarter stars. Oh well. Work on that.