¡No Accion! - Lights Out (Cover Artwork)

¡No Accion!

Lights Out (2019)


California's ¡No Accion! crammed six bilingual rippers into the Lights Out 7''.

The album riffs open with "Cien X Cientos," delivered entirely en español, blending classic skate punk verses with a lot of lead extras from guitarist Lazaro. The tempo downshifts into "Long Hauls," signing off a day-in-the-life of a hardworking punk band trying to cut their teeth. "The Orange Clown" opens with a driven lead comparable to Leftover Crack, and is, of course, littered with choice words about the sitting reality star/President of the United States.

"P200" fires on with quick drums and a tough delivery from vocalist Josh Galvan, completing timeless, choice punk rock. "Night Prowler" takes the energy even further to the edge, hanging up in less than 59 seconds. Lights Out finishes out with a charming title track about the state of the United States, complete with a thug vocal chorus, quick single string leads, and a standard dip-out bridge to bring it all back at the end.

There is an authenticity and hunger behind Lights Out that makes the short collection of songs difficult to put down. Shit rips. Much recommend.