The Jasons - Blood In The Streets (Cover Artwork)

The Jasons

Blood In The Streets (2019)


For a bunch of masked musicians with anonymity dripping from the Jason-themed stage names, The Jasons bring a lot of personality to their music. They take their musical cues mostly from the Ramones and Misfits and their lyrical cues from the Friday the 13th series filtered through a seriously sophomoric brain. This stuff is going to maybe be a bit dumb at times, but the hooks kill and the songs are great.

On Blood In The Streets, The Jasons shoot for pop goodness on nearly every song. Several times they pretty much reach perfection, and a couple others come just a tad short. “Kay-Em 1” is maybe the catchiest song on here. It’s a ridiculous love song that goes out to the android from Jason X and sports a chorus that’ll inspire singalongs for days. It’s pure gold. Likewise, “Mark’s Legs Don’t Work Anymore” is another catchy send-up of a Jason film, this time Part 2. “Legs” is quick and full of hooks (both musically and vocally) and the lyrics are completely sophomoric and irreverent (for example: ““his spinal cord was severed / but he took it like a champ”). It’s dumb, but good fun dumb. “Dead Fuck” is another great one, maybe my favorite. It’s got this whole “teach a new dance” thing going that’s terrific nonsense, complete with handclaps and singalong vocals that won’t leave my brain.

Elsewhere, “Blood In The Streets” has a great chord progression that’d make the Ramones proud and a “there’ll be blood in the streets tonight” chorus to sing along with. “JJ Was A Headbanger” is fantastically catchy and funny, with supermelodic verses and a great hook hiding out in the bridge. Meanwhile, both “3D’s Got Ramones Jeans” and “It’s Still Crystal Lake To Me” have great lead guitar lines and funny lyrics (MC Hammer-referencing lyrics in “Ramones Jeans” and scoffing at the name Camp Forest Green in “Crystal Lake”). More goodness.

Pretty much everything on Blood In The Streets is at least decent, and most of it is good-to-great. Several of the songs will stick around for days. They’ve done the Ramones punk sound well. Same goes for the horror movie Misfits thing. And they’ve got a great record on their hands.