Fat Chester - Comeback Reality (Cover Artwork)

Fat Chester

Comeback Reality (2020)

SBÄM Records

Austrian punkers Fat Chester released Comeback Reality this year, cramming their sneering delivery of skate punk into eleven rippers.

The album fires on with singer Steve Punktz' hopeless and confident wailing over the classic punk bobs and guitar hooks of "Without You." "Don't You Know!" piggybacks nicely to the album's introduction, but with heavier riffs and tougher delivery from Punktz. "Disappoint You" varies in the ambiance of the collection of songs in a totally different, but clever way. Pretty guitar leads ride pick up drums that resolve into a bummer sing-along chorus reminiscent of The Gamits or Osker.

"Innocence" showcases the talents of drummer "Hanson" and bassist Mike respectively, and grooves into arm-locked group vocals, peeling back yet another layer of the quintet's deeply rooted appreciation for 90's/00's skate punk. "I'm a Different Guy" brings the droning pub spirit even farther, channeling Pogues hooks and a general sense of nihilism, where "Skate and Punk" rocks the hard hits and guitar tweedles of Millencolin or Bodyjar in their haydays. The title track of Comeback Reality picks up from the same influences, but offers a much more serious perspective and subject matter.

"Punk Bride" and "Salvation" both rip through some of the more angsty moments of the LP, but sew together perfectly to the drum-and-bass intro of "Slave," leaving open choruses for more aggressive vocals from Punktz. Comeback Reality comes to a close with "Welcome To My World," addressing perhaps a complete explanation of the band's general mission statement and attitude about the genre that they love.

Super fun album, cool band, and definitely worth a listen. Would recommend.