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Rufio (2003)


I was so prepared to hate this. I was ready to throw this CD out of my window and laugh as it hit Moldy in the head walking by my room. I was ready to finally turn a CD into a drink coaster, something I had always joked about but never done. I was ready to tear this little piece of shit band named after a character in a halfway decent adaptation of "Peter Pan" a brand spankin' new asshole. I mean, c'mon - isn't this that New Found Glory-ripoff band that has a song called "Dip Shit?" They have to suck.

So what in the hell happened?

It pains me to admit this, but what we have here is a 3-song EP that rocks me pretty hard. Now not *incredibly* hard, mind you - this won't make my Top 10 list or anything at the end the year, but I could feasibly see myself playing this on my radio show in between stuff like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, or maybe throwing "Set It Off" [the best of the three songs] on a mix CD snuggled in between the Ataris' "San Dimas High School Football Rules" and Midtown's "A Faulty Foundation."

The band's musicianship seems top notch, as everything sounds picture perfect on this [incredibly short] EP. Drummer Mike Jimenez has that Fat Wreck drum sound down; all that touring with Strung Out must've pushed him that way. My only big complaint is singer Scott Seller's voice. It seems a bit off-pitch at times, and a tad too whiny for my preference. But if you're a fan of all the emotional pop-punk bands I mentioned earlier, you'll eat this up with a spoon [as I'm currently doing right now].

I guess what I'm trying to say is this is good. Really good.

Whoo, that was harder to type than you think.

Oh yeah, this is also an enhanced CD chock full of live stuff, interviews, and more, but I've yet to watch it. I'm afraid it will make me like Rufio more.

Don't Hate Me

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