Reggie and the Full Effect - Promotional Copy (Cover Artwork)

Reggie and the Full Effect

Promotional Copy (2000)


About two months ago after hearing so many people talk about Reggie and the Full Effect I decided I'd finally check them out. I went to their section on Vagrant's site. It listed them as merely "A Man and His Music." Upon visiting the supplied link to their website, I discovered that it was "Coming Soon", so much for finding out about the band. I had heard that RaTFE had a member of The Get Up Kids, who I enjoy greatly. I decided that I take my chances and buy their cd. This is the one I bought.

So when I got back to my friends house I popped this into the cd player to see just what they sounded like. After listening to the funny intro from AC Lerok the song turned into an odd techno/synth instrumental, with the words "Reggie and the Full Effect" looped in the background. Needless to say I was surprised. The next song was more in the Get Up Kids style complete with a cool piano rhythm. After hearing this song I was happy I purchased this cd. Reggie plays with of different style of music on this disc, from synth-pop("Gloves") to driving hardcore("Something I'm Not") to flat out emo("From Me 2 U").

If you try to take this cd seriously while listening to it, you're going to have a bad time. To get the "Full Effect" of this cd you have to go into it with a sense of humor, the skits are great and the special guest appearances from Fluxuation and Common Denominator are nothing short of amazing. I could listen to "Dwarf Invasion" all day and it would never get old. I'd recommend this cd to anyone who enjoys The Get Up Kids or maybe even Atom and His Package.

From Me 2 U
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