Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Tokyo Ska Treasures (Cover Artwork)

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Tokyo Ska Treasures (2020)

Nacional Records

35 year titans Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra recently released the new greatest hits album Tokyo Ska Treasures, and what better of a time to dish out 47 hyper positive, dancy bangers than while we are all stuck in our homes.

The album explodes open with "Good Morning Blue Daisy" mixing the nine piece's razor-sharp precision of brass and woodwinds with beautiful guest vocals from Aiko. Feel-goods "Ribbon," "In The Changing World," and "All Good Ska is One" (featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone,) present pivot points between the varying tempos and magnifications of extreme talent packed into the mighty tracklist, offering a tugging reminder of hope and simply good natured rapport.

"Puzzle Ring" is a terrific moment on the record, showcasing stand-out synth from keyboardist, and original member, Yuichi Oki. Driven with hopeless vocals from guest vocalist Kazunobu Mineta. "Glorious" drags the legends as close as they could get to the traditional aesthetic of "ska/punk," and lives up to the song title, at sore thumb levels.

The world isn't very beautiful right now, but Tokyo Ska Treasures is a spectacular collection of songs from a band that is too capable and grounded to ever put out anything that could be criticized by a fan of ska music. The LP has also been outstandingly remastered, and shines cohesively. Great record, would recommend.