Waiting For Autumn - Now I Know Forever (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Waiting For Autumn

Now I Know Forever (2002)

American Jealousy

Look, it's another "autumn" band! This band's debut also marks the first release from American Jealousy. The album has some appealing features and noteworthy moments, but after each listen doesn't make me want to come back to it.

One thing this album has going for it is its eclectic nature; each track tends to not sound much like the last. "So Close" is pretty good track with a catchy chorus, and some screaming thrown in for good measure. "Farewell Goodbye," my pick for best track, is an acoustic song with a mellow beat and some spacey- sounding vocals, harmonized almost the whole way through. "Tearing Pages" is melodic emo that slowly builds to a screaming ending that also includes some violin. "Forget Me Not" starts off with soft contrasting melodic lines in the guitars and bass, with tasteful drumming on the snare in an almost march style. Others like "Somewhere Else" start off hard with grungy guitars and faster beats. All of the tracks are alright, but there is not even one that really stands out as a great song.

Also, something about the singer's voice reminds me of that vocal style that all the alterna-whatever (Creed, Nickleback) bands are using, and it doesn't sit right with me. It's not quite as bad, but still, I like it better when he screams. An interesting tidbit though, the singer is cousins with Lars Fredrickson of Rancid.

Most of the songs on "Now I Know Forever" come around to the emo-with-screaming style at some point, but each has it's own flavor. Unfortunately, none of these flavors quite suit my palate, but maybe they will for you. Spacey, atmospheric emo with hardcore breakdowns- even typing it I feel like I could like it, but this album just doesn't do it for me. Fans of Thursday and The Used may want to check this out though and give it a try.