Danzig - Danzig Sings Elvis (Cover Artwork)


Danzig Sings Elvis (2020)


It is no secret that the two main influences on Glenn Danzig’s vocals throughout his storied career have been Jim Morrison and Elvis Presley. Therefore, it was no surprise when fans came to learn a few years back that Glenn would be working on an Elvis covers album. After years of waiting, Danzig unleashes DANZIG SINGS ELVIS to the world. Most of the performances on this release will surprise very few as Glenn has emulated Elvis’ crooning throughout his recording with the Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. This is a true vocal album that showcases both passion and vocal ability. Like the tracks chosen for SKELETONS, DANZIG SINGS ELVIS features many lesser-known Elvis Presley tracks.

DANZIG SINGS ELVIS kicks off with “Is It So Strange” with Glenn crooning over a heavy piano track. The guitars are present, though in the background to support the vocal delivery. This opener sets the tone for most of what follows. “One Night” kicks things up a notch as Glenn really belts it out. On this track, the vocals are supported with a steady and heavy but basic drum beat. Glenn’s vocal range is highlighted on “Lonely Blue Boy” as many highs are hit throughout. Effective minimalistic instrumentation is used again on “First In Line” which follows. “Baby Let’s Play House” is an upbeat garage rocker which could have easily been a Cramps track. The vocals here are supported by what sounds like a standup bass. This one also features solid guitar leads. Glenn slows things down on “Love Me” which is a tender ballad. “Pocket Full of Rainbows” keeps a similar slower pace as Glenn croons over piano and minimal percussion. The well-known “Fever” showcases a thick bass guitar tone and deep vocals. “When It Rains It Really Pours” has an effective moving bassline which keeps a steady beat. “Always On My Mind” is the most ambitious and well-crafted performance on the album. Glenn very carefully shows emotion and delivery on this track. The crooning comes back strong on “Loving Arms” which follows. Glenn relies on the minimalistic approach again on “Like A Baby” which features a faint piano underneath the vocals. The tempo is taken back up a notch on “Girl Of My Best Friend” that follows. This steady upbeat track shows much vibrato and range. “Young And Beautiful” closes out this collection. This deep and soulful track is a passionate croon over heavy piano to effectively close the book on this tribute.

Glenn has crafted a very honest and genuine tribute to the King on DANZIG SINGS ELVIS. It is important to note that these tracks seemed to be carefully selected for this release. The tracks chosen effectively showcase Glenn’s vocal abilities while staying true to the Elvis sound. The choice of deeper cuts lets the listener focus on the vocals which carry this album front to back. Listeners should not expect to hear anything musically that is akin to Misfits, Samhain or Danzig. The production, and performance, is both raw and stripped down. This might be an acquired taste for some; and just as expected for others. After repeated listening, there is little doubt to me that this project was a true labor of love for Glenn.