CF98 - Dead Inside (Cover Artwork)


Dead Inside (2020)


Poland's CF98 have been dishing out a special blend of melodic skate punk for 14 years, and Dead Inside is their best yet. The four piece outfit, along with producer Ishay Berger of Useless ID, outstandingly upped the ante with six rippers that sparkle even brighter than 2019's Rotten To The Core.

The title-track fires on with terrific high leads from guitarist Mateusz PoznaƄski, followed by emoting via double time from vocalist Karolina Duszkiewicz. "Shine On" is a refreshing 0:58 second showcase of the band's strengths, tricks, and sound. It takes incredible skill to make a one minute song sound like a complete thought, and CF98 hit it on the mark.

"Pink" is a feminist powerhouse, and a giant "fuck you" to gender expectations, which ties nicely into the lightening fast "Oh Boy." "Gasoline" is an absolute banger, perhaps the best of the six, noting expert between-the-lines bass leads from Michal Kurzyk, who is the secret ingredient throughout the entire record, guiding brilliant little tricks between Adrian Majcherek's break-neck punk drumming.

Dead Inside zooms shut with the uplifting, and very fast, "Never Quit," taking a time out to hit a slamming, pitted bridge before resolving perfectly. This EP is gold, I would recommend these songs, and this band, to everyone.