Cerveza Gratix - Hijos de Perra (Cover Artwork)

Cerveza Gratix

Hijos de Perra (2020)

Maldito records

Cerveza Gratix has just released their new album ‘Hijos de Perra recorded by Javi from PPM and produced by Fernando from Reincidentes.

Being their second LP, this album provides living proof of how the crossbreeding in some punk productions has a dazzling rejuvenating power. The record starts off with their namesake "Hijos de Perra" whose lyrics have a word on the demands for de-stigmatising the pejorative association the term has, eliminating the prejudice and changing the attitude towards some female stereotypes.

With a feminist-like position and a playful thug attitude they set the pace to what best defines their artistic writing. "Mierdaset" is a lacerating satirical track, sang with a cartoon-like manner, followed by "Canicidio", a melodic testimonial that follows the editorial line of the album, with a powerful chorus due to vocals of an crazed nature that hits more intensively.

"El Cuento del Miedo" rides with the dystopian orwellian style of the album. The track salutes recklessness with emotional impact and again powerful backing vocals that make the track develop an relationship with the listener. "The Facebook song" is a satirical track that starts the train of thought with a mordant tone talking about impostures and ego-disturbances aiming to be a hit on the funny bone.

"Amores Perros," with Desidia a Deshora’s guest vocals, creates a dialog of inner exposition, with an important, but melancholy, catalyst for the spoken part that fully expands due to the cello solo that closes the track.

"La Manada" and "Llora la Tierra" are the more politicised, critical tracks.

The records ends up with a more relaxed song, "Pal Pueblo", which has Fernando Madina on guest vocals to enrich musical endeavors. The style makes it easy to listen to regardless the profound nature of some lyrics.

Also the adoption of hardcore waves that the drums adopt at some points makes the songs pass in the blink of an eye. The jagged guitars intensify the riotous speeches the majority of songs and help the music go to a fitting ending when needed. The album and the band's style makes riotous punk but it also has profound meaning.