Pezzati - The First EP (Cover Artwork)


The First EP (2020)


Naked Raygun's Jeff Pezzati recently entered solo territory with The First EP.

The five song extended play cuts with "Make Me Whole," a wide open slow-hitter with chuddy guitars, spiraling into an orchestra of synths, all nestled under Pezzati's charming, and familiar vocal melodies. "It's Late" follows with lone filthy, twangy guitars and excellent storytelling from Jeff.

Chromatic Song is an interesting moment on the record, delivering a minimalist ballad of rock drums, synth strings and horns, and timpani. It ties nicely to the side of the entirely instrumental "Ipcress File," with start to finish drum loops, bass leads, and synths that could parallel N64's Goldeneye to a darker Human League deepcut.

"Who Killed Retro Girl" is inspired by the "Powers" graphic novel volume of the same name, and is the best song of the five. The Naked Raygun vocalist's honest, wobbly, delivery really shines through.

This is a fun handful of songs, and I hope The First EP is Jeff Pezzati's first of many.