Andrew W.K./Sahara Hotnights/Ikara Colt - live in Orlando, FL (Cover Artwork)

Andrew W.K. / Sahara Hotnights / Ikara Colt

live in Orlando, FL (2003)

live show

By definition, Andrew WK is a rock star, participating on big tours with such acts as Aerosmith, his popularity has risen tremendously over the past year or so. So when it was announced that he would play with the Sahara Hotnights, Ikara Colt and Washdown at The Social in Orlando, my curiousity got the best of me and i bought a ticket a few weeks in advance, as the show would eventually sell out about 2 weeks before the date.

The first band of the night was Tampa, Florida's Washdown, who started of the night with a solid 30 minute set, which seemed bland at times but for the most part was a decent preformance, the singer wanted to be the dude from Thursday really badly, but that flaw didnt hurt the band too much.

Next was London's Ikara Colt, after reading mediocre reviews of the latest album "Chat And Buisness", I was not expecting much. However from the very first note i was hooked, a GREAT set. Dominick's drumming was the best i have ever seen (NOT an overstatement). The singer at some points jumped into the crowd and mingled with the moshers. Every member of the band played extraordinary which added up to an amazing set.

Have you ever want to know what The (international) Noise Conspiracy would sound like if a girl was singing? No, i didnt either, but thanks to the ladies of The Sahara Hotnights, i now know. The feminists and flamboyant dudes were totally stoked on this band. These Swedes were (No sexism intended) the stereotypical girl band. The bassist looked pissed she missed the cut for the Donnas, the 2nd guitarist got beat out by 20 years by Joan Jett on the "Looking exactly like Joan Jett" thing, the singer looked like a fat version of Sara from T(i)NC and the drummer kept putting her fist in the air like there was some sort of revoloution going on. There was nothing revoloutionary about the Sahara Hotnights, they sucked, plain and simple.

After a 30 minute Delay Andrew WK's back up band took the stage, they resembled more of a cast of of a circus then a band...After they took the stage the packed social crowd began to chant "Party Hard" (i know...lame) and Andrew took the stage, once the first note of some song that sounded exactly like all his others started, i knew i was instore for something i have never experienced, everyone in the fucking world knew everyword and it most certainly triggered my "what the fuck?" sensors. He played a few more before the radio hit "She Is Beautiful", and you havent seen a show untill you have seen 500 kids in coverge shirts singing a radio hit, absolute greatness. Anyway, everyone got on stage for this song, and no one left, resulting in about 50 kids being on the stage for the entire rest of the set. It was fucked up, he blazed through the rest of his set with intense energy and played more radio hits such as "We Want Fun" and mega-hit "Party Hard".

This was without a doubt the wildest show i have ever been to. I would recommend seeing Andrew WK, however understand this, i saw him in a small club, so i have no idea how his act translates into a bigger setting, take him on a case by case basis. By the way FOR SURE see Ikara Colt, they are not to be missed.