Hayley and the Crushers - Jacaranda [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Hayley and the Crushers

Jacaranda [7-inch] (2020)

Surfin ki

California’s self-proclaimed poolside glitter trash pop punkers Hayley and the Crushers are hot off the trails of “Vintage Millennial” which was released early this year to rave reviews. For those who are unfamiliar, that description is more than proper for this trio who combine the best elements of punk, pop-punk, garage and new wave. What we have here is a fun two song single to kick off the summer. On this release, founding members Hayley and Reid Cain are joined by drummer Dougie Tangent (The Putz, Devious Ones).

The title track “Jacaranda” makes up the A Side of this single. Hayley kicks the track off with her signature buzzsaw garage punk tone like that of the Buzzcocks. This is a tale of the first sight of the jacaranda which blooms in their hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA. Lyrically this song takes you straight to their hometown where you can visualize the turning of the season. This track boasts solid tempo changes in the chorus which also features effective guitar leads. Hayley no doubt is heavily influenced by Belinda Carlisle of the Go Go’s. Of note as well are Dougie’s powerful drum rolls which transition the verses to the chorus. B Side “Angelyne” tells the story of the 1980’s billboard queen. This track is heavier and slightly darker than “Jacaranda.” One is instantly reminded of an 80s new wave soundtrack upon first listen. Reid Cain serves up some impressive bass runs throughout. Hayley’s vocal delivery is grittier on this number. Comparable to Side A though are Dougie’s hard hitting beats and Hayley’s guitar tone.

The Crushers are having an amazing 2020 so far. Unfortunately, any touring plans have been halted due to the global pandemic. Hopefully this single will bring some sunshine and glitter to chase away the clouds. I look forward to seeing them live someday as I would expect it to be a party.