The Lippies - Pop 'n' Lockdown [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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The Lippies

Pop 'n' Lockdown [EP] (2020)


Grand Rapids, MI’s The Lippies came on to the scene with a bang in 2014. By 2016 they had released two EPs and a full length. Oh yeah, and they had also acrimoniously broken up. Since reuniting in late 2018, they’ve been easing back into things. First was a great new song called “Acid Head” on the Red Scare Industries: 15 Years of Tears and Beers comp. Now comes a new digital EP with the timely title Pop ‘n’ Lockdown.

While consisting of only three tracks, Pop covers a lot of musical ground. “On Your Mind” is a full frontal attack on our 45th president. While many of these type of songs come across as cliche’, the feminist approach that The Lippies take is actually fairly original. At over four minutes, it might be the band’s longest song to date. The 38 second musical interlude that is “Get Out of Bed” is a solo ukulele piece by singer Tonia Bug. It uses a novel, reverb heavy production style, and might be their most frantic uke song to date.

“I’m a Reactor” might be the best song of the three. It’is an angry, straight up punk song that recalls the band’s earliest material. Ultimately, Pop ‘n’ Lockdown is a really good, if short listen. It will simultaneously scratch your itch for some new Lippies and leave you wanting more. Unlike a lot of digital only EPs, this one actually deserves to be pressed onto one of those little 7-inch pieces of wax.