Lamb Of God/All Else Failed/Unearth/Nora - live in Bensalem, PA (Cover Artwork)

Lamb Of God / All Else Failed / Unearth / Nora

live in Bensalem, PA (2003)

live show

Ok, some of you are probably saying..."what is this, some local show that some kid posted?" and it def. ISN'T! Bands that played included Lamb of God, All Else Failed, Unearth, A Life Once Lost, Everytime I Die, Nora, and more. It was insanely nuts so I will go by band-by-band:

First up was Heidnik. they really sucked, they didn't deserve to be on a bill with such great bands. The only song they did good was a Set Ablaze cover. I take it they were local. They were a mix between hardcore and metal....overall bad.

Next was Locked In A Vacancy. These guys tore shit up, there singer was african-american which added to it. They were so energizing and the guitar player was like Iraq and he was insane. They had a mix All Out War and just plain hardcore. Overall they kicked ass, i suggest you check them out.

Then was Nine Will Die. I got into these guys a lot, The singer sounded like the old singer from Zao (albums such as s/t). These guys knew how to get he place started with straight up hardcore with a dash of metal. Nothing bad to say about this bad. Thumbs up!

Then Twelve Tribes came on, they were really bad at breakdowns and really boring. boo.

Up next was The Minor Times. Straight out of Lansdale, PA, these guys put on a killer performance because I guess it was there biggest show ever. Personally I enjoyed them and their crazy performance added to my liking. The bass player smashed his bass at the end and i got a piece.....i would put it on eBay, but no one will buy it (frown). and the guy was playing the sample machine like a keyboard (stupid). they could probably open for Shai Hulud with their style.

Nora was next. I didnt really like the one song I heard, but when they play live they are fucking amazing! I loved them, and i guessed the singer loved me because he touched my nipples on numerous occasions. Awesome performance, awesome music, overall....awesome. i wanna see them again. Even tho a lot of Trustkill bands are getting bad rap in the hardcore scene, this band changed my perspective.

ETID: Every Time I Die was up next. i expected good things from these guys.....and thats what i got. they opened up by saying "We Are Great White" and the crowd went crazy....people jumping off amps and everything. crazy performance...the guys are weird, but awesomeeeee as shit. They played new songs that sounded amazing too.

then it was A Life Once Lost. I was ready to be kicked in the ass. It was scary at first because the singer went from nerd to psycho in less than 1 second and bleeding by the first song. Their performance SUCKED...i was dissappionted, the singer threw out his back so he was on the ground a lot....and the guitar players did absolutely nothing. music was orgasmic, but lacked performance. i was upset. Their new stuff sounds horrible and they didnt play anything off their cd from 2000....i was pissed.

AND THEN CAME UNEARTH. Opening up with a track on Endless EP, they went straight into songs from their full length, Stings of Coscience. I knew almost all the words and they were filming for a DVD, i was singing with him quite a bit. AWESOME performance....AWESOME music. cant wait to see them again. SUPER cool guys, they were fucking awesome as shit...the crowd was so hype and Unearth felt the energy and put it into their performance.

All Else Failed was playing there last show and wanted to go out with a bang. They played with Dillinger's drummer...which was the suprise...and i knew shit was gonna fly once the music started. The singer went up on the PA and said "This shit happens all the time, enjoy your self and lets have some fun." he then proceed to DO A BACKFLIP OFF THE PA and start off with the opening track of Archetype. AEF brings a lot of puerto ricans and african americans. This shit was nuts!...i sung Route 1 at the top of my was amazing. then this puerto rican guy goes off the PA ASS NAKED and it was sick but at the same time hilariously funny. i want to see them again! but i cant...AWESOME. o yea, and the singer's g/f at the end of the set yelled to him "SAY THANK YOU!"....she was hot, but fuck the chick....AEF kicked ass

By this time i was too tired to get in the crowd for Lamb of GOD. They put on a killer show...i enjoyed them a lot, only hearing a few songs. i like them a lot more now....but they were crazy as shit, very good live band at that! there new shit shall be fucking awesome.

Overall all this show was pretty killer, pending it was in bumblefuck, PA. It brought a ton of people and brought killer bands....

Thanks for Memories...RIP All Else Failed