Diana Ross - Supertonic (Cover Artwork)

Diana Ross

Supertonic (2020)

UMG Recordings

Motown titan Diana Ross has produced a fresh, dancy, remix album of her hits in Supertonic.

Recruiting remixer Eric Kupper (Goldfrapp, New Order, Kylie Minogue,) nine of Ross's iconic hits are shined through a glistening dancy lens, offering a fun and positive retrospective listening experience.

Chart toppers "I'm Coming Out," "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and "Love Hangover" kneel gently into 808 kicks, vocoder production, and a wave of synthesizers that paint them in a modern way, without gridlocking into sounding like every Euro remix I've ever come across.

Lone complaint: Shoulda remixed "It's Your Move." It's a ripper. Supertonic is a lot of fun, and a cool update from one of the most powerful women in American history. Hell yeah.