The Queers / The Two Tens [EP] - CHA CHA CHA (Cover Artwork)

The Queers / The Two Tens [EP]

CHA CHA CHA (2020)


The vinyl resurgence has also brought back the concept of the split release. Such releases serve as a great opportunity for fans of one band to get exposure to another. What makes for a successful split release is the combination of a more established band with one lesser known. Pop punk veterans the Queers have teamed up with the current garage duo The Two Tens to bring you a fun four song EP. This release marks the first new studio material for the Queers in roughly 10 years.

The Queers kick things off with the song “Hong Fucking Kong” which will appear on their upcoming full-length album. This track is classic Queers in every sense of the word. Joe Queer sounds as good as ever as he tells the tale of the band getting stuck at the airport in China while on tour. The chorus of “Stuck in Hong Fucking Kong today…. And everybody’s freaking out” will be stuck (no pun intended) in your head for days. Backing vocals are provided courtesy of the Dollyrots. This number also boasts a very solid bottom end. Continuous touring with the current lineup has resulted in a solid studio performance. The second Queers track “All To You” is exclusive to this split release. This steady rocker boasts more of a golden-oldie vibe which is not new for the band. This could be the soundtrack to whatever is left of the summer. This song is short but sweet and showcases Joe’s amazing vocal range and abilities.

The Two Tens was the main discovery for me in reviewing this release. This duo is comprised of Adam Bones on guitars/vocals and drummer Rikki Styxx. Rikki got on my radar earlier this year from reviewing a compilation featuring her band LA Machina. This duo leans on the garage side of punk rock. They certainly have a full sound for a duo. “Gotta Find Something” is a solid garage rocker. This track has a very effective call and response vocal pattern in the beginning that sets the tone. This kicks into some powerful drumming and switch from clean to distorted guitars. The Two Tens pick up the tempo for a rocking outro to the song. The band takes a more modern retro approach on “Till The End Of The Day” which follows. The guitars take a less clean approach in favor of the buzzsaw sound. This darker track also features a very consistent and solid drum beat throughout. I have read comparisons to the White Stripes which cannot be denied. That said, the Two Tens boast a powerful sound for a duo.

This release checks all the boxes of what one would expect for a split. The listener gets to hear new material from a classic band and get turned onto something potentially new to their ears. Hearing new Queers material is always a treat, but unlike a box of chocolates, you usually know what you are going to get. In this case, that is not a negative as Joe and company sound tighter than ever on these tracks. I look forward to digging into the Two Tens catalog as they have peaked my interest.