The Movielife - Forty-Hour Train Back To Penn (Cover Artwork)

The Movielife

Forty-Hour Train Back To Penn (2003)


I've seen these guys live twice before, and they weren't bad but I was never really into them. I heard their CD's before, but never really gave them a fair chance due to the fact that their live show didn't wow me.

Moving on to this CD, don't get me wrong, this CD probably won't make my top ten list, but I do admit that I was pleasantly surprised. I really didn't expect that much from this CD, but it will be getting some playing time next to the regular rotation of Pedro the Lion & the new Haunted CD (yes I have diverse tastes).

If you're not familiar with this band, The Movielife like most bands on their record label, drive-thru have a sound that is best described as pop-punk. One aspect of this CD that I enjoy is that the singer isn't extremely nasal, like Rufio and NFG. He isn't Pavarotti, but his voice is relatively distinctive with ever so slight amounts of east coast hardcore influence, unique articulations, and voice fluctuations.

The vocal lines or melodies are not overly catchy, but are well-written, and have been re-worked into a sound that is more (dare I say that misused, lousy cop-out reviewer term? yes I do) "mature" than their previous efforts. Also, the guitar riffs aren't just chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga, they vary a bit, and keep the music interesting. Finally, since the CD is once again done at Salad Days [thrice, cave in, hot water music (very good bands)], the sound of the snare is just right.

So, get past your biased Drive-Thru scene-ster hatred, don't try to be too cool, get past your assumptions of pop-punk, and give the new Movielife a shot, I'm happy i did!