Teen Idols/Squirtgun - The Dysfunctional Shadowman (Cover Artwork)

Teen Idols / Squirtgun

The Dysfunctional Shadowman (2003)

Asian Man

One time when I was in seventh grade, a couple of friends of mine dared me to go down a flight of stairs with a red pogo stick (it was called "SHOCKING RED"). Anyway, I accept and just when I reached the bottom my feet slipped and I busted my nose on the ground. So what does my bloody nose and pogo stick have to do with this review. Well not much the bloody nose but the pogo stick refers to those pogo-punkers Teen Idols. Along with Lookout Records alumnus Squirtgun, both bands bring you some of the most infectious Screeching Weasel/Queers pop punk you have ever heard.

For those in the dark, Keith left Teen Idols last year and was replaced by some dude named Kevin. I was anxious to hear want the Idols would sound like at this point. I could've sworn though that somehow Keith possessed Kevin during the first TI track "Backstabber" (which in my opinion happens to be one of the the 2 favorite tracks here). It was the same music you would hear from "Full Leather Jacket" and "Pucker Up." Kevin handled very well thus far. Next song was "Shadowman." We get to hear the real Kevin sing his guts out. His voice in this one was more raspy and less poppy but still "Shadowman" was indeed enjoyable. However "Backstabber" was the best out of the two by TI.

Next up was Squirtgun (which includes Mass Giorgini of Common Rider/Screeching Weasel fame). First track of Squirtgun is "Dysfunctional" it was downright poppy and bouncy. The song got stuck in my head for four hours after listening to it. The second favorite track of mine in this split. They also had help from Zac Damon (SW/Big In Japan/Zoinks!) who played guitar. Next was "Chemical Attraction" and I knew that it wouldn't compare to "Dysfunctional." In the end, Squirtgun delivered two great power punk songs.

So was this split anticipated? It won't disappoint TI and Squirtgun fans who have been jonesing for any new songs by both bands. Other people that our curious should look at their back catalogs on Honest Don's and Lookout! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to bust my nose again.