Punchline - Rewind (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Rewind (2003)

Fueled By Ramen

Punchline will do well. That doesn't mean that they're any good though. Their recently re-released "Rewind" EP on Fueled By Ramen is just what the kids want these days. The sound is reminiscent of The Juliana Theory and occasionally The Ataris. It's the same tired formula that everybody is trying to cash in on these days. Throw this alongside A New Found Glory, The Movielife, and Finch and call it a day.

The problem is that Punchline can't bring anything new to the mix. Nothing distinguishes one song from the other on this four-song twenty-three minute CD. The lyrics aren't groundbreaking and the guitar sound is boring. These are songs of teenage angst and heartbreak. There's really nothing to say about this CD, it's so bland that there isn't even enough to bash. The first song, "Play," is fast paced with a quite annoying shouting part about halfway through that definitely doesn't fit. There are too many vocal changes throughout this song that just make it seem disorganized.

How cute, each song on this is named after a function on a stereo, "Play," "Rewind," "Stop" and "Record." As soon as you pop this CD in, the only button you'll want to push is "stop" because this album is just that bad.