The Klubs - Cult Party (Cover Artwork)

The Klubs

Cult Party (2020)

Now Now Just Now

Pretoria, South Africa is known for its vibrant, glowing purple Jacaranda trees. They line the streets and fill the parks and blanket everything beneath them with perfect little purple petals. But just because Pretoria is famous for its pretty pastels doesn’t mean it can’t harbor a little doom and gloom.

At the moment, Pretoria’s “doom and gloom” is manifesting itself in The Klubs. The three-piece taps old veins and manages to cross new wires along the way. Fusing the pessimistic drone of classic post-punk with flourishes of garage rock and bits of grunge.

Their first proper full-length, “Cult Party”, revisits a handful of tracks from their previous two EPs but works them in with the newer songs in a most cohesive way. “God Slayer”, the album opener, wastes no time unleashing an assault of menacing bass and angular guitars. Frontman Dylan Christie’s sultry howl ties it all together.

Songs like “Pastors Dance” and “13 Steps” demonstrate the band’s penchant for writing songs that are bleak and desolate but rich and vibrant all in the same breath. Groovy bass lines are present throughout and make the record almost as danceable as it is moshable. Lyrically, “Cult Party” seems focused on the sad state of social interactions and interpersonal-relationships. “You’re The Man” encapsulates those sentiments particularly well.

The album closes out with what might be the strongest track on the record, “Oko”. The plodding pace, deep guitar, and haunting vocals are atmospheric to say the least. The closing 30 seconds of the song bring it all back together for a triumphant final movement and suitable ending for the record.

In this strange time for music, “Cult Party” is a welcomed treat. It’s got hints of Parquet Courts and Control Top in there but it’s a unique creature all its own. Definitely worth a listen and a dance.