The Jasons / Black Russians - The Jasons / Black Russians (Cover Artwork)

The Jasons / Black Russians

The Jasons / Black Russians (2020)

Moms Basement

Well what do we have here? Two of the most infamous bands in the pop punk bubble finally get their chance to square off. The Jasons from Crystal Lake, NJ previously declared blood in the streets. Black Russians previously declared death by communism. Now, each get their chance to settle this once for all on this split release. Each band has been making quite the name for themselves in recent years. This is sure to be one heck of a slobber knocker!

Crystal Lake's favorite knuckleheads the Jasons come out swinging with "Kill a Commie for your Mommy." This track starts with showcasing the band's strong rhythm section led by thundering bassist Jason 3D. The hard hitting bassline sets the tone for this track. Jason V does a killer job of delivering the verses with stellar vocal patterning. This song tells the tale of taking the "Rocket to Russia" to save the world. Towards the end of the song, the Jasons demand you to "kill a commie for Johnny tonight." In round 2, the Jasons take a more 50's Americana approach on the more tender "Red Dawnna." This track boasts a classic 90s Lookout-era Screeching Weasel guitar lead in the intro. This number tells the tale of being paranoid about falling in love with a Russian girl. Might the Jasons have exposed some vulnerability and weakness here?

Black Russians take no time on their side with "Kill the Jasons" in being transparent in their intentions. Vocally, Black Russians take a more gritty approach than the Jasons. The band does a great job of getting their statement across to the Jasons with a catchy chorus and backing vocals. They vividly detail what they plan to do to each band member. The Jasons better watch out because Black Russians reference everything from Manhattan to Crystal Lake, proving they have been spying on them all these years. The onslaught continues on "Invasion USA" where they continue to tell their tales of terror. This one kicks off with a dark and infectious guitar lead, showing they have definitely heard a Lillingtons album or two. This track is as catchy as it is aggressive with a call and response chorus with backing vocals. 

Each band on The Jasons VS Black Russians did a solid job of showcasing their musical and trash talking abilities. There is no love loss between these two bands. I am going to have to call this one a "no decision" based on many factors. Both bands have successfully proven to be worthy contenders to the modern underground pop punk throne. Time will tell who will prevail in the end!