The Locust / Fast Forward / Moving Units - live in Omaha, NE (Cover Artwork)

The Locust / Fast Forward / Moving Units

live in Omaha, NE (2003)

live show

Before we get started, I judge live performances on how convinced I am by the sincerity of the band's performance. Take note.

It's another Friday night and so I go to the Sokol Underground for a night of randomly thrown bands that may sound alike. The Oops! Tour consisted of The Locust, Fast Foward, Moving Units, My Name is Rar-Rar, and Beep Beep,

Here's the breakdown.

Beep Beep was an alright band. They're fairly new and they are supposedly made up of some guys from Omaha and one of them happens to be in the Faint. Although I thought their performance was not bad, their constant dance beat music made me bored and I kept myself awake by oogling at their effects pedals.

My Name Is Rar-Rar was next I think. Anyways, these guys were very nutty. I knew that they were going to be slightly unpredictable, but I couldn't detect any musical patterns in their music. They were entertaining and interesting to watch. They wore some really funny costumes which reminded me of The Flying Luttenbachers that played with The Locust last summer. Their bassist also had a very unconventional Synth bass. I thought his machinary wasn't working, but the bass sound isn't intended.

Moving Units were next. Disco beats every song. They were dancable, but they were the type of band I would enjoy at home. The most interesting part was when the singer fainted and everyone thought it was part of the show, but really, it wasn't.

Fast Foward had the best set ever. I think the guy had the greatest shock value. Three lights mounted on the stage, microphone and stand on the floor and some keyboard hooked up to a synth module. One of the guys from Moving Units was hitting the keys and offered me to do so as well before the show. I did and then a guy draped in a black cloak came out from the crowd. He looked like a KKK member. He had tape in his hand and the guy from Moving Units taped the microphone to his mouth. Fast Forward started playing and started pushing the crowd,somewhat aggravating the pit. Some nu-metal (sorry about the stereotype, for convenience perposes only) dudes pushed him around since they were worried about their beer. After a few seconds of playing and everyone wondering what was going on, the singer just stopped, yelled some profanities, threw his keyboard and mic onto the ground and disappeared. His set was less than a minute! No one knew how to respond, but The Locust came up and took the stage.

The Locust were very fast. It was packed with energy. What was really funny was when they were incredibly close to fighting a nu-metal kid, but fortunately the drunk scenester was there to make things all better. It was really odd though since Gabe the drummer grabbed a beer bottle and started talking to the guys right in front of my face. Later the nu-metal dudes were mocked and were forced by Justin Pearson and the crowd to leave. It didn't seem too nice, but since they were being pretentious and unfriendly, it was for the better. The rest of the show seemed to end on the sour note, especially since their synth player wouldn't let me get their set list. Perhaps they didn't want to reveal their Anti- record songs titles?