Bracket - Requiem [Reissue] (Cover Artwork)


Requiem [Reissue] (2021)


Long running Californians Bracket have reissued 2006’s Requiem, dusting new light to a collection of punk rock anthems all titled after a sad sack named “Warren.”

The album fires on with the epic choral acapella of “Warren’s Song Pt. 16,” before an aria into fast lo-fi drumming, and the quartet’s signature melodic presence. “Warren’s 19…” and “14” proceed to hammer cute bummerpunk, until resolving with the cheery synth and pop sensibility of “Warren’s Song Pt. 24.”

The rock-block seems to do another round, and not in a repetitive fashion, either. Though “Warren’s Song Pt. 11” does open with similar angelic vocals in the intro. “23,” “17,” “26,” and “18” introduce some auxiliary instruments, and a welcoming shift in power away from loud, distorted, guitars.

“Warren’s Song Pt. 12” kicks the center of the LP in the ass, upping the energy level, before reducing to more soft, slow vocals. “Pt. 21” and “Pt. 20” spark a very high moment on the album, and the band’s discography, as every familiar Bracket melody trick is on full display, with singer/guitarist Marty Gregori at the top of his game.

The album steers closed with the acoustic introductions of “Warren’s Song Pt. 10,” slamming against the killer tune “Pt. 25,” and jumper “15.” The fast guitar noodling and fun mood of “Pt. 22” staples nicely to the four-minute, slow masterpiece that is “Warren’s Song Pt. 13,” complete with more “oohs & ahhs” and a chilling string section.

Requiem’s track titling is monotonous and frustrating, but the songs are the opposite. It is clear that even 25 years to this date, Bracket is four good friends that know exactly what they are doing, and with a reissue allowing the masterpiece to join cassette and record players for the first time, may their stories of this poor Warren fellow live on forever. Great record.