Horror Section - My Bloody Valentine [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Horror Section

My Bloody Valentine [EP] (2021)

eccentric pop

February is here and Horror Section are the perfect band to celebrate the season through paying homage to the classic horror film My Bloody Valentine with a new four song EP. For those not familiar, this St Louis area band have made a name for themselves in the pop punk bubble for almost a decade now. They have perfected the craft of horror movie themed lyrics with pop sensibility. Horror Section have released a large number of EPs, splits and one full length to date. This release continues their path of using melodic pop punk to tell tales of terror.

"Five Below" kicks off the party with their signature fuzzy guitar tone which sets the pace. The lead vocals of Teflon Dave are immediately accompanied by perfectly placed backing vocals to enhance the melody.  In true Ramonescore fashion, this track boasts many quick chord changes to keep things interesting. The highlight of this lead off track is in structure. Unlike many classic pop punk anthems, "Five Below" ends on the chorus. "Can't Stop The Party" which follows is more of a classic 90s pop punk track. This one reminds me of the band's earlier material found on their classic split with Eaten Back To Life. The infectious chorus will leave the line of "beer, food and Cigarettes" in your head for days. Horror Section takes a more mid-paced approach on "Die Alone" which follows. There are amazing guitar leads throughout the track. Teflon Dave's vocals carry this track and are some of the most heartfelt in all of the band's catalog. Though this band is far beyond needing comparison, the track would have fit perfectly on Screeching Weasel's classic "Wiggle" LP. The band musically covers new territory on "Never Going Home" that closes out the EP. This is the most "Midwest" that Horror Section has sounded to me in their career. The track opens with a buzzsaw guitar lead which is most reminiscent of John Haggerty in his Naked Raygun years. This song is as quick and angry as it is melodic. "Never Going Home" ends abruptly to close out this stellar EP.

Horror Section has succeeded in producing another classic EP. Their debut LP from 2018 had many classic tracks. I feel they excel in the EP format. Having a more defined theme seems to suit them best. This is a format which worked well for horror punk pioneers such as the Misfits. Horror Section is carrying the flag for melodic horror-themed punk rock. Always looking forward to what this band has to offer as they continue to grow.