Fléau - Fléau [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Fléau [EP] (2021)

Red Scare Industries

Last year I confessed my ignorance of all things French punk, even while praising the excellent new (at the time) Lion’s Law record The Pain, The Blood and The Sword. Now newcomers Fléau have unleashed their self titled debut EP, and it’s giving me a sense of déjà vu. Apparently streetpunk and oi are alive and well in France. Fléau are a quartet with a sound similar to Lion’s Law. That is to say that they mix their oi with a bit of hardcore, and the vocals are nice and raw.

The other big influence is undeniably New York's The Templars. Fléau (scourge in French) embrace much of the same medieval mindset and imagery. Their lyrics deal with the same epic struggles between good and evil, and they even appear to dress like knights. The biggest challenge of Fléau lies in the fact that all of their songs are in their native French tongue.

"Gloire Éternelle” kicks things off in epic style with a windstorm, a scream and a nice long instrumental intro. “Affliction” has a chunky guitar riff and relentless vocals. “Expédition Punitive” bursts with feedback before the guitars turn melodic. The gang vocals appear to revel in military conquest. Closer “Souffrance” also starts with feedback before the schizophrenic lead guitar starts up and then gives way to the exceptionally angry vocals. Overall, it’s an awfully satisfying nine minutes.

If you’re a fan of Lion’s Law, The Templars or Blitz (or maybe even Métal Urbain) do yourself a favor and give Fléau a spin.