Discomfort Creature - Discomfort Creature (Cover Artwork)

Discomfort Creature

Discomfort Creature (2021)


Denver Native and ex Gamits guitarist Chris Fogal dropped a new project out of nowhere, unleashing the Discomfort Creature EP, and it oozes of no-nonsense fast paced punk rock.

The album blazes open with “Small,” displaying Fogal’s strong points of standard three-piece purism and Gamits-era single kick double time from drummer Dan Fox, who mops the floor throughout the entire extended play. The less-is-more rocks into “Discomfort Creature,” firing hyper angst and a killer bridge, and in just one minute and forty seconds.

“Solid State POS” showcases Fogal’s unique chord invention and acrobatic vocals before slaying into a banger outro that should never stop. “Slumlord” takes the energy to break-neck half-time, entering quick vocals with a lot of catchy melodies attached. “Droplets” shows the most mood range of the release, as the lightning speed punk riffs and aggressive vocals crash violently into ambient verses, handing command to pitted basslines from Ian O’Dougherty.
“Fast Otis” nestles into about as simple pop-punk the trio dares to go, and with perfect sonic quality. One would note that Chris Fogal’s ears were responsible for the mixing of the 2020 PEARS self-titled record, and it wasn’t a fluke, he carries the magic to extend a monster wall of loud punk rock, and with a clarity that is far beyond what you’re currently hearing from the other punk engineers as of late.
“Bleed It Til It Dies” closes the door on Discomfort Creature, and the tempos keep kicking into a giant reflective bridge. This band is GOOD, and I look forward to more material from the trio in the future. Absolutely great listen and would recommend.