Suck - Copkiller [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Copkiller [7-inch] (2021)


Germany’s Suck is becoming more and more exciting. Their new 7-inch illustrates the band’s duality. A-Side “Copkiller” barely hits the the 50 second mark if you discount the extended intro and that is awesome. The track rages forward in a combination of Poison Idea and Black Flag energy and the lyrics are distinctively negative. It’s a track about wasting cops (obviously) and the tune is something of an homage to early 80s hardcore. But, interestingly, as singer Isabella Rutz howls “I will stop YOU” she’s almost turning the nega-blast into a positive anthem. That is, it’s a call for reform amidst blind rage. Plus it rips. The band has put their synth experiments ion the side fore now. Hopefully they come back, but here, the band raging in full on hardcore attack is just what the doctor ordered.

B-Side “Hell and Heaven” is straight up Metallica worship. The band has implied that the song is a fun diversion as opposed to their next step, so as a B-Side, the tune is perfect. Clocking in at almost 5 minutes, the band engages in early, Bay area thrash riffage and headbanging, complete with echoed vocals. It’s amazing at how sharply the band has recreated the sounds of San Fran 1984 and it’s remarkable at how, despite the dress up here, the band’s personality shines through. This track rocks.

Suck’s debut EP Frog was a minor masterpiece and was fully formed, leaving the question of where to go. This single suggests that they are both tightening up while spreading their wings- though one does hope they keep the synth in the mix, as, along with their killer songwriting, the instrument helps separate them from lesser hardcore bands that mostly retread old ground. Suck, by contrast, is entering very, very interesting territory. As long as they keep their barbed edge in their music, then this band’s debut LP, when it does arrive, will likely be KILLER.