Hot Rod Circuit/Plain White T's/Tsunami Bomb - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Hot Rod Circuit / Plain White T's / Tsunami Bomb

live in Chicago (2003)

live show

Live at the Metro Tsunami Bomb, Plain White T's and Hot Rod Circuit. If it was in order of best performance, it would go like this: Tsunami Bomb/Hot Rod Circuit/Plain White T's.

Up first, Tsunami bomb played for their full half hour, despite the fact that they got stuck in traffic for around 3 hours. Their mainly hardcore sound got about 1/6 of the crowd going and a few moshing. Otherwise, the kids were rather sedate. They are an amazing live act, but the rest of crowd was part of the screaming teenage girl fans for Plain White Ts, so they didn't appreciate it.

Next came the Plain White T's. Their sound was bland, just normal pop punk/emo about girls. They had none of the charisma, energy or thought that have put bands like the Ataris or Rufio forward. Plus, there were a bunch of stupid girls moshing. You don't mosh to Plain white ts. Sorry kids, Tsunami bomb i encourage it. a generic love sucks band? no.

Hot Rod Circuit did better than PWT, but that's not saying much. They had a more rock/mellow sound that kidna turned me off. *shrugs* their songs had none of the inexplicable thing that...just gets rock bands noticed.

To compare them to Millencolin, whereas Millencolin has energy, passion and a very real zest for the music, HRC just stood there, and played the chords, which they did well, but...its a FUCKING PUNK SHOW!!! Jump around!

7 points for Tsunami bomb for doing an amazing job. 1 point for the wonderful atmosphere of the Metro.