VonErichs - First Blood Match (Cover Artwork)


First Blood Match (2021)

mom's basement

The VonErichs literally came out of nowhere and did a run-in on the pop punk community. Just like many of their heroes, the band hails from parts unknown which adds to the mystery of this debut album released on Mom's Basement Records. The VonErichs have many tricks up their sleeves and do not rely on just one finishing maneuver. Elements of 90's Lookout style pop punk, Ramonescore, and classic punk rock are present throughout. This stable might be new to the scene but I suspect we are dealing with some veterans. You best read on so you know how to prepare in the event you find yourself face to face with the VonErichs in the squared circle sometime soon.

The albums opening introduction track "Intro - Runnin' Wild" pays homage to Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania. This straight ahead rocker begins with a familiar voice and catchy hooks. Plenty of tasty guitar leads are present throughout the track. 80s fans will hear familiar interview slogans such as "Let me tell you something brother.  Let me tell you something Mean Gene" letting you know what this album is all about. Next, the band pays homage on "Excellence of Execution" to the great Bret Hart. This faster paced track boasts a fist pumping chorus which will place you front row at Madison Square Garden. "Smasher Gave Me the Ax" is true Ramonescore throughout. The VonErichs slow the tempo just ever-so-slightly on "Repo Man" which tells the tale of the one time personal of Smash from the Demolition. Strong 80s Ramones feels are present with the chrous spelling out R-E-P-O. Dual lead vocals come to play on "Cocaine" which follows. The drums are extremely heavy on this track to match the dark lyrical content. "Kamala Ate My Baby" is a golden oldie track which tells the tale of taking your girl to Uganda. She meets an untimely demise at the hands of the Ugandan Giant! The pace picks up nicely on "Texas Tornado" which follows. 80s hair metal vibes are heard throughout in terms of pace and guitar leads. "Figure Four" shows the band returning to the classic 90s Lookout pop punk sound. This song praises the most famous leg lock used in the history of professional wrestling. The mid-paced "Elizabeth" follows which tells the tale of one of the most famous valets. This track is highlighted with a moving bassline and female vocals courtesy of Miss Lorraina. The dual vocals return on the catchy "Ghetto Blaster" that follows. The love song "You Broke My Neidhart" is next. This tune features a steady beat throughout. The VonErichs return to gritty 80s Dee Dee led Ramones on "Ring Rat." This song is heavy and tells the tale of life on the road as a wrestler. The album closes strong with "Horsemen Never Die" that focuses on strength and unity. The VonErichs take a darker Midwest punk vibe on this finishing move. The line of "DIamonds are forever and the Horsemen Never Die" tells all you need to know.

The VonErichs have produced an impressive debut performance in the form of this album. Based on their approach, this is not their first rodeo. You can hear many strong influences of familiar bands and styles throughout. The formula works extremely well. This is a stable to keep an eye on. If not, you may get laid out with a chair and submit to a Figure Four!