Turnstile - Turnstile Love Connection (Cover Artwork)
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Turnstile Love Connection (2021)


It's hard not to like Turnstile, just based on the diversity in their output. Caught them in LA a few years back and their energy was so infectious, perfectly translated from their albums. And as someone who really, REALLY got into Nonstop Feeling and Time & Space, the moment they dropped "Mystery" weeks back, I was just chomping at the bit for a new record. Well, I'm half-satisfied as a four-track EP just came out, teasing some of the chaos they've got cooking in the kitchen. And make no mistake, Turnstile Love Connection signals even better things to come.

I wouldn't say this is a watershed moment or a landmark of any sorts, as I've seen indicators a while ago that pretty much tell me they're gonna be the next big thing. It's why festivals are after them and this EP reminds us how they're a shot of life for those glum from stuff like the pandemic and a world that stopped on its head. PS: if you're wondering if the circuit's gonna be lively when shows reopen, if Turnstile is playing, then it's a resounding yes. That's because "Mystery" alone is worth this pickup or the price of admission when they hit the stage. It's one of their poppiest, catchiest songs -- filled with melody, a gurgling bass and heavy tones that make you wonder how'd they come up with something so fun. Seriously, it's made for slam-dancing, and the fact they've got a dream pop intro to it called "No Surprise" makes it all the better. This is by far my track of 2021 and something to totally get amped to.

Sadly, there are only two other songs on tap, but they're pleasant reminders us this band is indeed a hardcore 311. "Holiday" and the self-titled song are definitely gonna wreck pits, because this is Turnstile telling you they can still be as loud, abrasive and aggressive as can be. I can't wait to hear more from them and the thing is, seeing as they dropped this along with a short 11-minute film on YouTube, it seems they're going to get experimental and weird moving forward. It's not that good a short, admittedly, as it's a punk GAP commercial but it hints that they're gonna go outside the box a la bands like Ceremony. With that in mind, I think we're on the cusp of something magical that'll have us talking for years. Refused did it, as well as At the Drive-In, and Turnstile's evolving sound is definitely on that same airstrip.