The Bollweevils - Liniment and Tonic [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Bollweevils

Liniment and Tonic [7-inch] (2021)

Red Scare Industries

It’s always a treat to get new music from Chicago punks The Bollweevils. While the quartet did the vast majority of their recording in the ‘90s, they have remained active as a live band. It’s been seven years since they dropped Attack Scene, their most recent previous studio material.

The A-side, “Liniment and Tonic”, will probably be familiar to Bollweevils fans, as they’ve been playing it live for at least a couple of years. The song chronicles dealing with the aches and pains of being an aging punk. “My back is broken/I’m drinking liniment and tonic again.” It’s sort of ironic coming from one of the most athletic frontmen you’re likely to see. It’s catchy and driving, and pretty much everything you’d hope for in a Bollweevils tune.

The B-side is slightly less expected. It’s a cover of The Lillingtons “Black Hole In My Mind” from their 1999 pop punk classic Death By Television. “My life has been a waste of time/I’ve got a black hole in my mind.” The Bollweevils don’t do anything too radical with the track, but do punch it up a bit with some raw guitar. It’s another great song, and a good choice for the flip side.

There wasn’t really any hype leading up to the release of “Liniment and Tonic”/”Black Hole In My Mind”. In the age of plague, it’s nice to get a pleasant surprise for once. Check it out, and let the Bollweevils transport you back to the good old days.