The Wallys - Give It Back (Cover Artwork)

The Wallys

Give It Back (2021)

mutant pop

Pop punk fans worldwide rejoiced upon hearing the news of the return of Mutant Pop Records. For those who don't know, Mutant Pop released various 7" and short run CDs (SRCD) beginning in 1995. The label stopped putting out releases in 2002. Label owner Tim Davenport has always been a fan of the CD format. He felt this was the right time to bring back the format in the form of his highly collectible Short Run CD (SRCD) series. The Wallys were one of the many bands that Mutant Pop released a short run CD for back in 2000. Tim recently discovered an unreleased session recorded in 2001 that never saw the light of day. This CD was initially to be released in 2002 as part of the series. The Wallys, from Denton, TX, present Give It Back as part of the return of the Short Run CD series.

"Give Me Back My Radio" sets the pace for this release. The track opens with solid vocals and their signature buzzsaw guitar tone. This drum heavy number pays homage to the 70s garage punk sound. The Wallys channel early Queers and Angry Samoans on the short and sweet "Bad Breath" which follows. This fast paced anthem will definitely get the dance floor moving. The band returns to classic Ramonescore and pop punk on "Judy Is A Cannibal." Holding true to the style, this track boasts a solid guitar lead and harmonized vocals in the bridge. The Nervebreakers track "My Girlfriend Is A Rock" is up next. For those unaware, the Nervebreakers are considered one of the first ever Southwest punk rock bands. The vocals carry this track and display good range. The next four tracks clock in at approximately 1 minute and 34 seconds. First is the fast and heavy "No Sleep." Next the band takes a poppier approach on "Soda Pop" which could have been a solid golden oldie type of song if longer. "Denton" is a dark instrumental track which I can only assume is named after their hometown. Finally, the quick "Peabrain" concludes this quick run in 5 seconds. The Wallys return to a more classic pop punk sound with "My Little Angel." This 50's style surf punk track highlights the band's buzzsaw guitar tone. "Veronica" which follows is a mid-paced rocker that embodies the classic Lookout! Records sound. Good vocal harmonies are present throughout. "Hanging At The Fitness Club" is another cover. This song was originally recorded by the Gargamels who are a fellow Texas band. This fast an aggressive track is not unlike Wimpy Rutherford era Queers. The CD closes with "I Don't Wanna Be Cool." The track opens with a repetitive vocal line that helps to set the speed and tone. This track is straight forward Ramonescore through and through.

The return of Mutant Pop will give fans a chance to check out both new bands as well as those they may have missed the first time. In all honesty, I am not sure if this set of songs was meant to be released together as one album or are just part of the same recordings. These songs are both quick and fun. It's nice to hear these tracks in their original format too. It does not sound like these tracks were remastered or over-produced in any manner. I look forward to the remainder of this Short Run CD series.