Extinction A.D. - Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda (Cover Artwork)

Extinction A.D.

Chaos, Collusion, Carnage & Propaganda (2021)

Unique Leader Records

Extinction A.D. always existed at the intersection of the hardcore and metal world. Co-shredder and vocalist Rick Jimenez, a longstanding player in the New York hardcore scene with runs in This Is Hell, American Ice Age, and Soldiers, took the pure metal influences he started to exert at the end of the active period of This Is Hell and firmly planted their flag within Extinction A.D. Past albums Faithkiller and Decimation Treaty saw the band exploring more death and thrash metal tones, but always with a grounding in the hardcore scene that at times held them back.

With Chaos, Collusion, Carnage, & Propaganda, Extinction A.D. resolve that tension and are well on their way to an excellent new musical confidence. No longer does Extinction A.D. sound like a hardcore band forcing a metal and thrash sound, but instead bend their hardcore influences to the point of breaking into new pieces. New pieces that fit much more intentionally within Chaos, Collusion, Carnage, & Propaganda. Opener “Chaos” ends with a huge breakdown that recalls Jimenez’s earlier work in Soldiers, but with a powerhouse rhythm section beat blasting through it. It lands Extinction A.D. more firmly in the modern thrash world, but with broader and deeper influences.

“Collusion” mixes the hardcore swing across the bass and snare drums into double pedal work through its death metal middle. Over the closing breakdown, a guitar solo that sounds positively eerie makes its way over it like a stoner lost in a horror movie about to meet their demise. This is an effect Extinction A.D. explore more fully on “Carnage.” The band hinted at these type of leads on Decimation Treaty, but feel more fully integrated here. The EP closes out with a faithful cover of Sepultera’s “Propaganda” complete with dual guitars that sound like rattling chainsaws competing for power.

Chaos, Collusion, Carnage, & Propaganda feels like a new era for Extinction A.D. Touring alongside the entire spectrum of heavy music over the last decade clearly has the band sounding more confident in who they want to be. If this EP is a precursor to a new full length next year, Extinction A.D. are about to kick your fucking teeth in.