Lovelorn - What's Yr Damage (Cover Artwork)


What's Yr Damage (2021)

6131 Records

Hailing from the roaches and leftover blunt wraps in the demise of Creepoid, Lovelorn rose from the ashtray like a still burning ember intent on keeping the party going. For those who are unfamiliar, Lovelorn is composed of partners Anna and Patrick Troxwell and have been finding their sound since before Creepoid’s dissolution. Mixing electro-pop, an affinity for weed, and an appreciation for punk rock music, Lovelorn released their debut What’s Yr Damage earlier this year.

What’s Yr Damage follows up a handful of demos and short EPs that saw Lovelorn experimenting with new textures in sound. Last year’s Deep Breaths found the band honing their more atmospheric side mixing ambiance with a trance-like discordant underpinning. However, What’s Yr Damage finds Lovelorn ready to resurrect the party flushing out their sound more fully. Lovelorn creates a swirl of sounds that finds influence in 80s new wave as well as the aggro electro-pop of an artist like Sleigh Bells. “Around You” sparkles over repeated vocal melodies with the swirl of vintage Depeche Mode. “Sickness Reward” sounds like Blondie coming down from an acid trip.

What makes What’s Yr Damage a more compelling listen than the more mainstream versions of this is their willingness to bask in the dark side of electronics. There are industrial moments that give the overall sound a harsher vibe than the layers of keyboards, riffs, and electronics might initially suggest. “Leaps and Bounds” finds the band bending sounds over the constant tinge of a hi-hat. “Be Mine” uses a series of distorted drums to move into the breakdown as Anna provides eerie melodies over it. Even when the band leads into their atmospheric side like they do on album opener “Fight of Flight,” it’s still singed by the trippy effects melting away into darkness heightening her airy vocals.

In content, Lovelorn tackles their relationship within the band that spawned this collaboration both in delivery and lyrics. You see this in “Reason” where Anna and Patrick begin singing “I don’t know why” together in such a way that shows the connectivity they have with each other. “Hole In Your Soul” and “Around You” are other examples of this where the topic is the powerfulness of opening yourself up for love to someone else. Something Lovelorn express inherently. Elsewhere, Lovelorn tackle self-affirmation; see “Tiger” with the incredible opening line, “I am a tiger / And I know I’m good.”

What’s Yr Damage is the rare electronic album that translates well to punk rock. Given Lovelorn’s past, it makes sense that this is where the band landed. The only other advice I’d offer for tepid listeners is one Lovelorn champion. Bring weed - it’s up to you whether sativa or indica.