Uh Oh - Good Morning (Cover Artwork)

Uh Oh

Good Morning (2021)


Omaha, Nebraska's Uh Oh are back to work, pumping out more wimp-indie rock with Good Morning.

The LP picks up immediately where 2019's Stay Close closes its doors, with the beautiful ambience and honesty of shoegazer "No Sweat." The paired vocals and guitar twangs from Joe Champion and Mari Crisler are as crisp as ever, and some welcoming energy throughout the song's build offer an incredible opener to the story. "Still Life" introduces acoustic guitars and a great shuffle, mirroring Polaris or (good) Cursive. "Dumb Luck Easy Fear" channels a perfect Uh Oh bummer intro, complete with a lo-fi hallway performance from Champion, before the faders shift into tight knit downstroke picking and an infectious pop chorus.

"Swan Dive" ramps up to the highest tempo of the album, sewing killer guitar leads from Crisler to quick fills and an excellent rim shot verse from drummer Jay Jacobson, the addition of "oohs & ahhs" render the tune perfectly crafted. This energy drops out from under your feet into "Am I In Your Head," loosening magnetic dual singing on a wheat field ballad reminiscent of John K. Samson landscapes. "No Grace" is a spectacular short song, filled with American Football-grade instrumentals and an A-plus delivery from Joe and Mari.

"In A Crowded Room (in D)" starts with booming drums from Jacobson, resolving into a pitted guitar hook that feeds the entire song. The song is also filled with Champion's wavering vocals pushed to the limit, nuancing not only the honest and gravelly singing voice found on a lot of the Stay Close heavy hitters, but a great step away from the fragile slower jams that proceed with "Grass Bracelet" and "Copperhead." "People Are Serious In Omaha" injects dancy rhythms into an Uh Oh standard; complete with great guitar builds, a timeless choral melody, and more shredded emoting from Champion, though Crisler's harmonies ultimately seal the tune closed for unlimited repeat listens.

Good Morning winds shut with an eleventh piece and a title track; a meticulous, five minute build, showcasing the ambience and edge of the band from bottom to top, and is a fantastic album closer. There is a hunger to this quartet that cannot be read or described, but you can feel it throughout their entire discography. Uh Oh is timeless, and very good, and I am ecstatic for more. Much recommend.