M Section - 3 Bangers [EP] (Cover Artwork)

M Section

3 Bangers [EP] (2021)


Santa Rosa, California's M Section blasts off with 3 Bangers, and the EP title is absolutely fucking literal.

Stylistic influence immediately pinballs between NOFX's (non-title-tracks) of The Longest Line and Lagwagon's Trashed as opener "Catalyst" dives into hyper-quick double time from drummer Matt Jones, expert moving bass, with pitted guitar solos and pans to boot. They have done their homework, but also define the anthem in a way that doesn't scream borrowed or homogenized.

"The Passenger" is stitched perfectly to the same vibe, opening with crushing pick slides and more edgy vocal delivery from Decent Criminal's own Brian Gellman, before rocking into a wild six-eight bridge and one California standard punk guitar solo after another. Gellman and guitar-mate Brandon Stolp really play off of each other on this one.

"Sasquatch Living In My ADU" rips into snare-forward riffs, peeling the vocal presentation back perhaps an additional decade. The attention to classic West Coast punk rock throughout the trio of songs is uncanny, while taking moments to pop out of the time capsule long enough to showcase incredible metal chop instrumentals and A-plus playing from bassist Nick Chudwick.

M Section effortlessly captures the nostalgic lightning in a bottle we have watched subside within the titans of California punk, and good god, 3 Bangers is a huge breath of fresh air. Killer EP.