Fading Signal - Nothing Feels Good Anymore (Cover Artwork)

Fading Signal

Nothing Feels Good Anymore (2021)


If I could, I’d burn down every inch of this city. Because of you, downtown is dead to me.

Every now and then you discover that one band that makes you go “holy shit! This band slays! I want to buy every single item they put in their merch store. I especially want that frisbee and I don’t even have a dog!” Then you realize you live in Poland and you’d need to spend half of your paycheck to cover the shipping fees so you’re totally okay with just “having” the band on your player.

So, this happened when I was music hunting the other day. I stumbled across Fading Signal and I fell in love right off the bat. In situations like this,
I always wonder if I’m either mad lucky or dig deep enough to find such a gem of a band.

I never know, but what I do know now is that I really want you to familiarize yourself with this EP I’m going to try to review in a few short words. For starters, a bit of background (history) of the said band. Fading Signal is a relatively fresh band as it was formed in 2019 (even though for me
that must have been like a hundred years ago) in Raleigh, NC. Their discography isn’t too ample (a demo 2 EP’s), but they make up for it with their skill to write a solid piece of angry music. This EP just goes to show how good they’re at it.

Nothing Feels Good Anymore (the title of the album may or may not refer to The Promise Ring album Nothing Feels Good) is an almost-6-minute effort full of heartfelt shouting, sharp riffage, and tasty drumming prompting you to mosh around your living room.

The record is nowhere near revealing. It’s pretty straightforward. You’re gonna get it fast, short and in your face! We’ve got here a sweet opener song called Staring at the Sun, that lets you warm up a little. The guitars are pretty solid here, as well as drumming by the end of the song. Next up, there is a 41-second quasi-powerviolence track (Nothing Gold) that leads to a tasty mosh part. Really gets you moving. Third track (Dreamer’s Disease) is your typical short hardcore punk tune. Lyrically, the author is (probably) referring to a relationship gone sour, and by shouting My heart is not dead yet / Fuck these scars and fuck this regret he is making some kind of a testimony of a broken-hearted man. Second to last song (Skinwalker) is again, a pretty short (41 secs) one and it starts with a sing-a-long-y part that transitions perfectly into a mosh part. This track ends abruptly for the last track off the record to commence. How The Winds Got Its Chills is the perfect closing song to this album. It’s the longest and most pissed off one. It definitely stands out. You also get to hear a “hidden” track by the end which I think is kind of a nice touch.

And that’s really about it. The album ends the moment it starts. It’s no virtuoso show-off bullshit, just pure rage and unstoppable energy. The album might appeal to people who are familiar with the mid 2000’s hardcore scene (I’m talking bands like Another Breath, Go It Alone, or American Nightmare). The vocals (delivered by Jordy) sound EXACTLY like Ted Winkworth’s of Another Breath (RIP) whereas hearing the instrumentals makes me think those dudes listened to American Nightmare a lot.
Anyway, this could be a record you’re gonna forget after the first listen, so I suggest you listen to it at least 10 times in a row to really form an opinion on whether you like it or not.