Nihilista - Presunta Liberta [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Presunta Liberta [7-inch] (2021)

Self Produced

Here we have the first single from a new project called Nihilista from Rome. The Side A of the single is the song “Presunta Libertà” (which means presumed freedom) that talks about the real meaning of freedom from a social point of view. The song starts with a climax intro and then some nu metal vibes before the classic skate punk verse and a chorus that newly has something of nu metal mixed with classic 90’s hardcore (the whole song is near to Italian old school hardcore band Negazione). After a short Solo and second verse-chorus we have a very good special which calls to pogo with a screamo vocal part.

The B-side is the song “Nihilista” which gives the name to the project, talks about the the nihilist point of view. The intro is rancid (2000) style then the verse is 90’s hardcore and the chorus as some 80’s vibes like also the outro rhythm part. The song ends with a final long solo with fade out.

The Songs in this single are very powerful and well made, reflect the style 90’s style of making hardcore with some external flavors mixed in. Hope to have fresh material soon.