Boss - Cash 'em In [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Cash 'em In [7-inch] (2021)

Static Shock

Even if a band should not be summarized by the people who compose it, it is difficult not to evoke those of Boss. First of all Jonah Falco, drummer, among others of the excellent Fucked Up and Career Suicide but also producer of Chubby and the Gang, Lacquer or The Chisel. Then Maxime Smadja, singer of one of the best recent Oï bands, Rixe, but also known under the pseudonym of Digital Octopus with whom he has fun transforming punk hits into synth-pop anthems. Add to that Charlie Manning Walker from Chubby And The Gang, Nicholas Sarnella from Crown Court, Amaury Benitez from Rixe and you get Boss.

Their first release, titled Steel Box, was out in 2018. Only two tracks but two tracks laying the foundation for their genre which they describe as pub glam rock. Steel Box mix early UK punk with glam and rock’n’roll. In december 2021 Boss is back through two tracks, again with furiously catchy choruses. Cash 'Em 'In and Red Signal fit somewhere between The New York Hounds, MESS and Thin Lizzy. As the people over at Static Shock explain, it is “a ode to the lost art of picking up one lucky person and, well, chucking them over a bar.” We could not imagine a better description of this high-energy release with crunchy guitars and rock 'n' roll piano. A real treat!