Le Tunnel de L'Enfer - A tribute to daylight [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Le Tunnel de L'Enfer

A tribute to daylight [EP] (2022)

Minga Records

Every action film lover of the 90's remembers this scene. A bunch of punks, all leathers outside, drive a car as badly as the cocaine stuffed in their nose allows them. They drive into a tunnel way too fast and end up blowing it up by crashing into a truck full of explosives. This kick-ass scene, taken from Rob Cohen's movie Daylight, defines the band Le Tunnel de L’Enfer.

Every riff, every brutal drum beat, every lyric is an ode to these three stupid thugs in a hurry. The seven tracks here testify it. The French band do not show much nuance- Everything goes fast. Nothing is thought out. It's all straight to the point. To hell with anythuing else.

The EP reminds me of Limp Wris due to the speed of execution and also for the raw playing style. But even if Le Tunnel de l'Enfer doesn't take itself seriously, as the samples at the beginning of each track show, the band doesn't forget to make a hard-hitting EP. Of course, we can underline the lack of variations. Each track seems indeed to be an echo of the previous one. The band would benefit from taking inspiration from Despise You by incorporating more influences and changes within the same album. This will allow them to go one step further. But the realization is solid enough to make you want to listen to the whole thing again and again.